New structural works completed

Since purchasing Chapel Stud in 2018 it has been all hands to the deck to transform it into a modern thoroughbred stud.

All the structural work is now complete, with the extensive existing outbuildings and barns converted into new stallion boxes, a covering shed, 50 stables and a large covered turnout.

In addition, the new all singing all dancing Molenkonig horsewalker is fantastic, and is the only configuration of its kind in the world at the moment.

Landscaping is on-going along with fencing, painting etc, which will all take a few years. Meanwhile the paddocks are being fenced and the grass is amazing, the mares and foals will certainly thrive on it.

Our new Theault horsebox has seen plenty of action taking mares around the countryside for covering and bringing the mares and their new foals from the foaling unit at our Great Ketford Farm.

The most exciting thing is that this farm is only going to get better and better as we tick jobs off the list and continue to up-grade it.

We hope you also enjoy browsing our new website and find it informative. It has been developed in line with our new branding, stallion brochure and advertisements which aim to position Chapel Stud as one of the top independent studs in Britain providing a professional, affordable and personal service.